ReFOCUS is a New Orleans-based fledgling nonprofit that implements Photovoice projects.   The Photovoice methodology provides cameras to marginalized groups of people with the goal of showing issues, policies, and life from their own point of view.

In 2017 ReFOCUS will grow to the next level in provision of Photovoice projects and helping others have their voices heard.    By obtaining our 501c3 status as well as providing internship opportunities for local college students, we’ll be able to expand our services to the New Orleans homeless population and offer additional Photovoice projects.  

My New Orleans Photo Project
New Orleans

ReFOCUS is in the second year of organizing the MyNew Orleans Photo Project, which focuses on people affected by homelessness and asks them to show the Crescent City from their unique perspectives.

In 2016, working with a network of local homeless service providers and a volunteer team of photographers, the Photo Project provided Fujifilm single-use cameras to 100 people affected by homelessness.  The resulting images from the 68 cameras that were returned revealed slices of everyday life and unique views of the city.   The MyNew Orleans Photo Project produced several gallery shows and a calendar sold over the holiday season, and kept participants engaged with a series of opportunities – from choosing the photos to submit to the calendar contest to being part of the gallery shows to helping with calendar sales at local art markets.