Leeds' young people Drug and Alcohol team is situated in Armley Park Court, 9 Stanningley Road, Armley, Leeds. The service allows young people, children or minors to make an informed choice about their lifestyle regarding substance and alcohol use.

We work with any young people up to the age of 18. Our workers are available to work with these young people on issues surrounding drug and alcohol use. We provide information, advice and practical support to young people, parents/carers and other family members.

At Platform we focus upon building on positives and strengths. We will ensure that anyone accessing our service is offered a safe, comfortable environment and a worker who will listen and not judge. We believe that confidentiality and trust is a crucial part of our service and our workers will always try to maintain this.

We hope to enable all young people to live healthy and lead safe lives.

Platform Middlesborough

From 1st October 2016, treatment and care services for adults and young people in Middlesbrough affected by substance misuse will be delivered by Middlesbrough Recovering Together (MRT). The service will work with both adults and young people affected by substance misuse.

We're developing a project - led by young people - to provide some exciting opportunities for young people aged 11 - 18 to get involved in media & communication like:

  • Film making , Animation, T.V , Radio
  • Music , Production / editing , DJ-ing / VJ-ing
  • Reporting , Acting , Writing
  • Graphic arts, , Website and game design
  • Pod casts, Social networking
  • Mentoring / peer education

The project is all about letting young people shine and giving you the chance to have your say about your area and things that are important to you, in ways that you find interesting and appealing. At the moment, the project is an idea that is subject to funding.