Sanyukai has been working in the district of San’ya for more than 30 years running a number of services for the residents including a space where they can congregate and meet each other. Sanyukai feel that the key impact the arts have is to connect people and to celebrate their achievements. They have been keeping information about the changes they see in the residents. So far, they have kept attendance records, documented observational changes and asked the participants about the effect the art has.

Photography Project

Sanyu-kai ia non-profit organisation in Sanya in Tokyo, runs projects that support homeless/ex-homeless people and connects them to each other and wider society. Over the past year it has launched a photography project in which participants are lent digital cameras to take photos of their neighbourhood and elsewhere in Tokyo. The photos are shared between participants at meetings and the organisers have already seen how this is beginning to lift confidence and communication skills. The next stage is to organise exhibitions to develop the programme.