The LYTE Collective

The LYTE Collective is a non-profit community center that provides Chicago youth in situations of poverty and homelessness with artistic expression, safe space, and support. The LYTE Collective is made up of social workers, researchers, educators, musicians, business professionals, advocates, and young people with lived experiences in housing programs working together to create supportive and artistic spaces. At the center of our work is a commitment to providing support for youth to discover themselves and the world around them through art, music, and movement.

The LYTE Lounge

Located in the Greater Grand Crossing neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side, the LYTE Lounge will house an art studio, music studio, basketball court, performance stage, teaching kitchen, computer lab, secure storage units, meeting and gathering spaces as well as private offices for counseling, tutoring and employment support. Youth who participate in LYTE Lounge programs will have access to food, showers, laundry, clothing, hygiene supplies, as well as connections to safe housing, transportation, physical and mental health support, and legal services.