A propos de nous

Vision and Mission

Our vision is of a world in which the arts is used to support and give a voice to homeless people everywhere in the world. With One Voice is an international movement that aims to strengthen the arts and homelessness sector through exchanges in practice and policy.



  • To strengthen existing arts and homelessness activity
  • To inspire new arts and homelessness activity
  • To increase awareness of arts for people who've experienced homelessness around the world 
  • To influence policy in relation to homelessness and the arts


  • Organise annual exchanges between arts and homelessness organisations, policy makers, practitioners and homeless people in Olympic host countries and elsewhere in the world
  • Organise biennial arts and homelessness summits
  • Provide incubation and sustainability support for new initiatives and projects
  • Promote arts and homelessness projects of all sizes and at all stages 
  • Create online resources to celebrate and connect arts and homelessness projects and artists who have experienced homelessness including building a sector map; an evidence library; funding links; project management templates