Joel Bergner

Joel Bergner (aka Joel Artista) is a Social welfare artist, specialising in large-scale public art / mural art. Bergner has worked in art with homeless people. As well as being an artist, Joel Bergner is an educator and organizer of community-based public art initiatives with youth and families around the world. He works in acrylic and aerosol, creating elaborate paintings and public murals that explore social topics and reflect a wide array of artistic influences.

Multi City
Over 20 countries across Latin America, Africa, North America, the Middle East, Europe and South Asia.

The Artolution is a community-based public art network that ignites positive social change through art making and connecting diverse peoples. It address critical issues related to armed conflict, trauma and social marginalization by promoting reconciliation, and utilizes visual public art mediums such as mural art and community sculpture, as well as street performance genres. Artolution projects engage communities that face social exclusion and trauma, including refugees, street youth, the incarcerated, people with physical and mental disabilities, and young people living in areas of violent conflict or extreme poverty. Projects have been organized and facilitated with local artists and educators, grass-roots community groups, schools, religious centers and international institutions in over 20 countries across the world.