Seattle Presents Gallery

Last year’s “Dialogues in Art” theme was ending racial injustice. Communications Manager Erika Lindsay said this year they chose homelessness because Seattle is experiencing dramatic affordability issues.

“So many people are struggling to stay in their homes or have been homeless. The city hired a director of homelessness to work on the issues related to it,” Lindsay said. “The purpose of ‘Dialogues in Art’ is to be able to have a conversation around large systemic and structural issues through artists’ voices. The homeless crisis is something we wanted to have this conversation with artists about.”

Dialogues in Art: Exhibitions on Homelessness

Thru December 14, 2017
A four-exhibition series in which artists and artist teams develop artistic projects on the topic of homelessness. Each two-month exhibition in the city’s Seattle Presents Gallery will demonstrate artists thinking expansively about what shelter and stability mean to diverse populations, and examining the systemic causes of homelessness,

Xavier Lopez Jr. is one of four artists addressing homelessness. Erika Lindsay said a panel selected Lopez because of his personal experience with homelessness.