Stella's Circle

The Stella’s Circle Inclusion Choir was founded in 2008 as a volunteer project of Stella’s Circle. The Choir of Stella’s Circle participants and staff come together weekly for rehearsal and to make a joyful noise. There are no ‘tryouts’ or required number of rehearsals or performances to attend. Instead the emphasis is on the joy and fun of singing. The Inclusion philosophy is that the choir is a place of acceptance and an opportunity to be a part of something bigger; it increases social connections for people and can be a great first step to engaging in other community activities. The group is empowered by sharing messages of social justice with audiences.

Stella's Circle Inclusion Choir

The Stella’s Circle Inclusion Choir is a project created in 2008 by Stella's Circle. The purpose of the choir is enjoyment and celebrating a love of music and singing while helping people build social connections in their community. The group uses singing to express and share ideas on social justice.