Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum is one of nine large, public arts institutions around Ueno Park in Tokyo, who run a training programme on arts for social agendas through the Tokyo University of the Arts, and have now committed to include homelessness for the first time.

Ueno Park has long been the home of rough sleepers with many using the foyers of the cultural institutions for shelter, who struggle to know what to do – not wanting to eject the homeless people but also not engaging with them.


What is a door project?

"Tobira" is a nickname that includes the meaning of "Tomi (Tobi)" at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum and "Opening a new door (tobara)"."Tobira Project" fosters communities based on art museums. Both art and communicator "Bizura" widely gathered from the public, curators and university faculty members, and experts are based in the museum, making use of cultural resources there. "Tobira Project" started hand in hand with the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts, and are working together. In contemporary Japan, which is said to be a 'mature society', the social issues that must be dealt with in the future are two of respecting diversity and its networking. One is to respect the differences of people's values ​​and cultural background, and the second is not to isolate an individual's way of life, but to relate in society. By working in society with art · communicators that can connect diverse values ​​of diverse people, we aim to build a supple and flexible social infrastructure that anyone can subsume.